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Train specifically to all your physical and technical needs

With our catalog of drills, we’ve made it easier for you to find your perfect drill by helping you narrow down the options using our attribute specific filtering system.

This unique system allows you to show the drills that are specific to your physical and technical needs.

Train specifically to your position

Get the guidance of internationally renowned coaches and specialists who have put together sessions that are specific to your position with new sessions being added weekly!

insight on your training performance

Quantify your performance by measuring your training in real-time, literally as it happens. With our AI-driven technology, you can easily track your performance and compare your results to our carefully curated database of professional scores to see what level you are training at!

Visually see your progression over time

Our progress log makes it easier to visually see your improvement over time that clearly shows your scores over different days, weeks, and months.

stay motivated & on Track

Staying motivated has never been easier with our in-app progress log which helps you track your progress after each session. In addition to this, our drill scheduler is powered by our AI system that monitors your sessions and recommends the drills that you need to work on.

The thing that made that me most happy was the attention to detail and the individualisation. You could tell that the training was tailored to what I need and even the finer changes or details were assessed

Tivonge Rushesha

Swansea City, Youth Welsh International

I loved how the sessions always focused on my position on the pitch. I always felt like you got me in the red zone when it came to my fitness too. With short and sharp drills we do.

Bez Lubala

Blackpool FC

Attention to detail and how everything is done for a purpose and I can genuinely see how the things I do can help me in game, also your ability to back up the drill with the skill of being able to answer any question thrown at you

Bayo Faptue

derby U18s

Meticulous with all the sessions we did. They were always tough but enjoyable too!

Danielle Carter

Brighton Hove/ England Womans

What I enjoyed most about your training was how tailored and bespoke the sessions were.

charlie colkett,

Cheltenham Town F.C

I’m most happy about the training I get because Of the detail and intensity to the training. That way there’s no grey area when I need to do something or even when I go back to club.

Jamal Jimoh

West Brom/ England U16s

I like how you personalise each training session to individual needs focusing on both my weaknesses and strengths

Farhaan Wahid

Fulham U16s, England Youth International

What I enjoyed most about your training was how tailored and bespoke the session were. I feel like they catered to my needs being very position specific.

Micheal Golding

Micheal Golding - Chelsea FC U15 / England Youth International

I liked it best when we did timed drills so like I have 15 seconds to go around the cones

Femi Faptue

Man City u16s

Built with the secret system
used on only the professionals

Anthony aluko

Creator of EBT Formula Football Performance Specialist

I found alot of players who DM”d me, struggled with lack of direction and know how on how to train and develop specific to attribute and position.

Over time, I started to receive alot of messages asking me how to develop as a Full Back, Striker, Midfielder etc. Players did not know how to train by themselves and over time built up a lack of motivation due to this lack of information.

Using my experience in the industry, I set out to create a natural solution that would help players feel confident and well equipped to train by themselves.

Incorporating live feedback and artificial intelligence; our idea worked like magic.  So we named the brand Evidence Based Training…and that’s how EBT was born.

For our football players who struggle with training by themselves, specific to your position, specific to areas you want to work on, and seeing sturctured live improvement where ever you go… we made this just for you.

EBT is a Personal Football Training App that is like having your own coach with you wherever you train.

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