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keep track of your performance & never lose your training motivation again.

Most players go to youtube and other social media platforms for training videos.

The truth is pro players don't use this method and neither should you, because;

insight on your performance level

Quantify your performance by measuring your training in real-time, literally as it happens. With our AI-driven technology, you can easily track your performance and compare your results to our carefully curated database of professional scores to see what level you are training at!

stay motivated & on Track

Staying motivated has never been easier with our in-app progress log which helps you track your progress after each session. In addition to this, our drill scheduler is powered by our AI system that monitors your sessions and recommends the drills that you need to work on.

Visually see your progression over time

Our progress log makes it easier to visually see your improvement over time that clearly shows your scores over different days, weeks, and months.

Train specificly to all your physical and technical needs

Have you ever wondered what drills are best suited for you? With our catalog of drills, we’ve made it easier for you to find your perfect drill by helping you narrow down the options using our attribute specific filtering system. This unique system allows you to show the drills that are specific to your physical and technical needs.

Train specificly to your position

Get the guidance of internationally renowned coaches and specialists who have put together sessions that are specific to your position with new sessions being added weekly!

Built with the secret system
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